Storing and managing data is always something which matters the most and these days the availability of different cloud storage services has made things much easier.

We all are the owners of plethora of data which needs proper means of storage, maintenance and backing up. This data sometimes is our personal data like pictures, music, videos and personal documents whereas sometimes the data is filled with some professional matters too like business documents. No matter what kind of data it be storing it on our phones and other gadgets may not be a way out in the longer run and it just occupies the space whereas the cloud storage offers a significant ease in many ways.

Types of Cloud Storage (i)

When you head towards digging into the details of the services providers for cloud storage a the most essential consideration in the first place would be which kind of cloud storage do you need, you need to pick and choose what should your option be and then get yourself a cloud storage to backup your data and documents in a safe way.

Publicly Available Cloud Storage

As the name suggests, this kind of cloud storage is a publicly available storage where the data is being stored on the service providers center of data and may be accessed easily by anyone all over the world by way of an account and a password, the data here is being paid for on usage basis, the more it is used the more it has to be paid for.

Personal Cloud Storage

This kind of storage is a very confidentiality oriented storage setup where the service providers setup an in-house provision of cloud storage where data is being stored and people of the same organization may access the data, however, the outsiders are restricted to access the data and it remains the property of the company only.

Hybrid Setup of Cloud Storage

Hybrid cloud storage is one of a very commonly opted storage setup which comprises of the blend of the two kinds of storage private and public. In this case, some of the data setup has been kept in-house and some publicly available and this is becoming a very commonly approach kind of cloud storage by numerous businesses.

Why Choose Cloud Storage? (ii)

There has been a significant increase in the usage of the cloud storage systems and services and there are many reason which compel individuals as well as businesses to get their hands on the services a few such reasons may include the following:

The cost involved in purchasing a data storage device may be a hefty one as compared to the subscription paid to an online cloud storage service so it may be a beneficial option when it comes to saving some bucks.
You do not need to carry a device with you everywhere to access the data instead you can access it anywhere and all you need is just an internet connection which makes your data very much accessible.
The fear of loss of data is none, your hard drive may get damaged but on the cloud storage the data has been backed up very well and there is no room for loss so the worry of losing data is totally out of question.
Your data gets automatically updated with the syncing option and you have not to worry about saving the files again and again, the more work you will do the more it will sync on the storage and there is no need for extra saving again and again.
This entire setup is very well secured, the service providers ensure that nobody access your data other than the prescribed people so there is no chance of theft of your data.
Downside of a Cloud Storage (iii)

As we know that everything which comes with benefits also has many downsides as well and in this case of cloud storage too there are numerous downsides which you must be aware of:

In case of cyber-attacks your data may no more be secured or of any use and you may in a span of second lose your entire data and remain empty handed, this may be the biggest turn off of a cloud storage.
There may be issues in the internet connection which slower downs the speed of the internet and hence results in slow backups and transfers which take a lot of time.
At any instance, if the service providers link goes down a lot of time may be wasted which could have been used productively and in many cases these downtimes are pretty prolonged ones.
There could be certain rules and regulations which provide a limit to the usage of the services and hence storing of data which you need to comply with when using this service, many such kinds of data might be limited to be stored and hence this makes the use of the service unsuitable for you.
The contracts with the cloud storage vendors are mostly for a minimum of one year and you need to lock yourself with them no matter you are dissatisfied with the service after sometime or you need no more service, you have to cover the period of contractual time with them.
Sometimes these services may add up to be an expense, initially you may find them a cheap technique for data backup but many services providers come up with hidden costs and extra upgrade costs which may prove to be an added burden your and your business.
These days many people find ease in different services provided online and no doubt the main purpose of service like these is to provide efficiency and ease to the business but taking into account all the benefits and the downsides is always equally important in making a decision. The cloud storage similarly is also a kind of service which has both the sides so make sure when choosing it for your business you get into the details, analyze our needs and then make a decision that whether or not you should invest in the service.